ResultsMembership Client: Optimization Case Study.

Goal: Increase ROI on a CPM campaign by testing it first on email.

Approach: Utilizing Avenlo Test Platform (ATP), we used a testing method that simultaneously sends multiple creative to the same list at the same time. This allowed our client to see REAL testing results from a data set that was consistent.
Results: Our client was able to determine the correct creative to deploy for all CPM budget for this campaign to the rest of our vertical-targeted lists. The client is now using us to strategically test all of their creatives before deploying any CPM budget. By confirming the correct creative to use for every deployment, they have removed wasted CPM budget and are now able to spend their CPM budget’s more effectively. Avenlo Test Platform (ATP), has saved them over 30% per year in re-captured CPM budget.
Mobile Phone Manufacturer Client: Response Case Study.
Goal: Increase overall conversion volume and product response while not increasing the effective CPA cost.

Approach: Using our proprietary testing tool we are able to do exact response targeting based on subject line and from line testing. We take every subject line and from line from our client and deploy them at the exact same time to the same sets of data, this allows for “real-time” results that can be immediately analyzed by the client.
Results: This approach allowed them to make the correct deployment decision based on proven data and take the guess work out of their media and design teams. Our client was able to increase the immediate response rate, including open and CTR. This resulted in a higher conversion rate and kept the CPA cost level. They were also able to use this across all email campaigns they are running in the US and abroad. Their overall response rate increased by 19% over a 6 month period.
Credit Reporting Agency: Audience Case Study.
Goal: Reach Audiences that align with advertiser’s goal of increased monthly users and reduce cart-abandonment issues.

Approach: Using Avenlo’s Verified Audience Tool  (VAT) we identified and segmented data lists for potential users interested in getting updates on their personal credit scores each month. With the help of our VAT platform we targeted the exact audience by historical user tagging based on their interests both online and off. Our system tagged, categorized and kept a live database of every user’s information for multiple data-points on millions of verified and active users.
Results: We delivered the client’s campaign to new potential users that actually wanted to know about their offer. This reduced their CPA cost considerably, and increased their over-all campaign performance. This also allowed them to increase their monthly budget for new user acquisition with Avenlo over the last 12 months and to budget for consistent marketing to users every week without having spikes in traffic. Lastly, it reduced their cart-abandonment percentages due to correctly targeting of actual real users that needed their credit

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