Brand Safety

Consumer brand perception and response varies greatly depending on the environment in which the ad appears. Ad placement weighs heavily at Avenlo when considering factors such as, trust and content relevance, in relation to the consumers purchase intent at the moment of impact. To positively influence consumers perception, we take many considerations into account. Avenlo looks at factors such as connection, loyalty, fit, and overall score quality as they play a major role in terms of a consumers level of trust.

Most media platforms offer basic brand protection with features like excluding certain content/sites, context, or excluding categories and certain types of sites that do not work for your brand or completely rely on a third parties at best. Although some of the more recognized brand protection solutions offer better protection methods of categorizing content and securing your brand, there is no one perfect solution.

Avenlo takes brand protection to an entirely different level. As veterans in the online media space, we understand the importance of protecting your brand as a top priority. To ensure this, we have invested heavily in implementing a proprietary multi-tier brand protection system right into our platform and processes – Avenlo Guardian. This powerful technology scans and verifies the quality of your ad environment before your ad is ever served!Avenlo Guardian┬ádelivers quality audiences to premium ad environments with 100% transparency. We also collaborate with you to devise a custom program to identify all potential words, brands, keywords and contextual placements that are not in line with your brand.

In addition to our proprietary multi-tier brand guardian, we also have an in-house brand protection team, adding manual validation, looking over campaigns and double-checking third party verifications.