Data & Optimization

Developed by our math heads, this ground-breaking technology uses sophisticated statistical modeling algorithms that automate real-time decision making and to provide instant CTR and conversion rate lift.

Based on massive amounts of data points we collect, we insert logic and rules to predict and optimizes actionable decisions to increase audience scale and efficiency one customer at a time.

Our Avenlo Connect Platform (ACP) employs an exclusive algorithmic solution that constantly and automatically optimizes your media buy to your specific goals. It works on various models such as a click, view or any defined action like registration, download or acquisition.

This proprietary technology is based on a machine learning engine, that intelligently evaluates opportunities and successes. It predicts in real-time the likelihood for a single view or click to produce our advertiser’s desired action and instantly maximize the campaign’s performance.

Then, it delivers the capability to use these data sets to analyze and precisely value the every impression, based on its proximity to past performance.

Using our machine learning engine, we can quickly develop a winning strategy and increase the number of click through conversions for every campaign.

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