Data & Optimization

Developed by our math heads and engineers, this ground-breaking technology uses sophisticated statistical modeling algorithms to provide instant CTR and conversion rate lift.

Targeted multi-screen email marketing to verified digital audiences on a CPM, CPC and CPA for Top Brands!

Avenlo’s consumer profile creation combines live user actions with user information and historical data, to deliver the most targeted audiences for advertisers and increase the efficiency of any campaign.

Our proprietary multi-screens delivery Avenlo Connect Platform (ACP) is a media buying game-changer, delivering instant awareness, engagement, and purchase. Drive your campaign to new heights, test drive our proven platform today.

Avenlo Connect Platform (ACP) was forged ground up by online media veterans and math heads with a proven track record in technology, online performance advertising and real time bidding platforms. It was built with one goal in mind, to achieve the most efficient, targeted, and performance driven ad spend anywhere.

The platform encompasses many exclusive technologies not found anywhere. Avenlo Platform is a true intuitive system. This enables advertisers, ad agencies, and direct marketers to have complete control and transparency over their spend, and buy what they want when they want it.

You can set any specific goals for your campaign, then measure and optimize results towards it with unparalleled accuracy, granularity and precision.

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