About Us

Led by a team of digital advertising veterans and engineers, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers win through powerful technology, stellar customer services and the delivery of innovative and effective multiscreen advertising.

We offer the most powerful media buying platform for agencies, advertisers and digital marketers. Avenlo makes digital media buying simple and profitable for brands of all sizes.

Our proprietary Avenlo Connect Platform (ACP) is a true game-changer. Utilizing massive data sets to target your audience, it delivers the best results on an impression-by-impression basis, bar none!

The platform is propelled using an exclusive algorithmic solution that constantly and automatically optimizes your media buy to your specific goals. It works on various models such as a click, view or any defined action like registration, download or acquisition.

It offers various pricing methodologies- CPM, CPC or an effective CPA. It enables agencies and advertisers to execute safe ad campaigns efficiently, with immediate buying opportunities to over 95% of the visitors on the Internet.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Avenlo maintains R&D facilities in Canada and the US and powers a group of world class software architects, engineers and mathematicians. Our deep pool of resources has forged Avenlo Connect Platform (ACP).

Our clients include leading agencies and top brands across various industries such as telecommunications, travel, financial, insurance, online service and retail.

custom made wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses at lunss.comOur Mission

To effectively and intelligently connect brands to consumers online. From awareness to acquisitions, we deliver measured results to exceed our client’s digital advertising objectives.

Using our proprietary enterprise class data-driven targeting solutions, we empower brands to find, build and maintain relationships with their consumers. Every digital fingerprint provides the our advertisers with insights and access to over 300 million in-house consumer profiles, grouped based on demographic, geographic, lifestyle, interests, and behavioral data.