Advertisers, Agencies & Marketers

Whether you are an Advertiser, an Ad Agency or a Marketer and have been in this space for a while, you realized by now that most ad networks (aggregators) and alike tend to underperform.

We understand our clients past ad challenges of getting meaningful placements and reaching their audience in the right environment and at the right time. Especially when dealing with large networks that are over saturated, it makes it nearly impossible for small to medium ad buys to get meaningful and significant attention.

At Avenlo we decided to solve these challenges by building the Avenlo Connect Platform (ACP),  Get access to quality inventory and audiences you won’t find elsewhere!

One impression at a time, we deliver your ads to the right consumer, at the right price, on the right channels, and at the right time!

Avenlo Connect Platform:

  • Instantly increase your CTR and see a conversion rate lift.
  • Extremely cost effective in your buys regardless if it’s a CPM, CPC, or an effective CPA.
  • Ability to deploy small tests to optimize your creatives and landing pages before scaling.
  • Discover the most relevant inventory for your campaign and reach your right audience.
  • Protect your brand with brand safety technologies.
  • Drive unprecedented ROI
  • Reach your audiences anytime anywhere regardless if on desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • Campaign feedback and metrics that matter to you.
  • Improve current and future ad campaigns instantly.
  • Find more customers, sell more, and grow awareness.
  • Instantly and accurately scale your campaign.
  • Optimize your campaign
  • Buy what you want, when you want it!
  • Reach up to 95% of U.S. online visitors across multiple inventory sources.
  • Engage consumers across the entire funnel.
  • Shrink the window between marketing and instant distribution.
  • Manage your campaigns with our knowledgeable staff and personal account managers.
  • Win back lost customers with our effective retargeting piece.
  • Get consumers engaging with your brand.
  • Run a successful campaign based on your requirements and goals

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